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Do you want to provide your employees with a virtual office, but you don’t know how? Do you want to build a solid infrastructure from the beginning which unleashes the full potential of your team(s)? You want to avoid typical mistakes and come up with a fast but stable solution?- With catworkx Virtual office start working, right now.


Knowledge & Information Whitepapers:

Solving The Pain Points Of Traditional ITSM Upgrades

This whitepaper details a Product Owner's experience with upgrading a traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) system and explores the benefits of Atlassian's Jira Service Management as an alternative. Traditional ITSM upgrades are often complex, ...

Should you pivot or persevere?

Learn how to analyze lean portfolio investments and deliver high-value outcomes by leveraging iterative testing and data-driven decisions. Empower teams with the necessary data to innovate and adapt to constant change, transforming unexpected challenges ...

Secure your Atlassian products with Cloud Enterprise

The text provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise for enterprises seeking robust security and compliance solutions. It highlights how cloud-based setups offer superior data protection compared to on-premise systems, ...

Level up with Jira Software Cloud

This document is a comprehensive overview aimed at Atlassian customers, focusing on the advantages of Jira Software Cloud for software development teams. It emphasizes how Jira Software Cloud facilitates faster innovation and higher returns on investment ...

3 reasons why companies choose Atlassian’s Cloud platform

The comparison between Atlassian's Cloud and Data Center offerings highlights the reasons why companies opt for the Cloud platform. Firstly, it emphasizes the reduced time to value, facilitated by faster collaboration, better integrations, and mobile ...

Level up with Confluence Cloud

The provided text introduces the benefits and features of Confluence Cloud, emphasizing its role in facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and productivity across teams. It highlights several key aspects, including time-saving tools like ...

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