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Is Atlassian Cloud the right option for me?

"Why Atlassian Cloud?", "What phases do I have to go through and how much time do I plan?" These are questions everyone asks - either because you have to, or because you are in the process of transforming your company to the next  level.

Cloud migration is an exciting opportunity for most companies. But that doesn't apply to everyone. There are some functions that cannot (yet) be mapped in the Atlassian Cloud with realistic effort. In addition, some legal regulations cannot yet be satisfactorily mapped in a cloud environment.

Whether a migration is worthwhile or not depends on these factors. We help you to evaluate whether a cloud journey makes sense for your company.

Our assessment helps with the evaluation!

Ready for cloud?

Not every system can be migrated directly to the cloud as it is. In some cases, the functionality depends on apps that are not available in the cloud. Even if the required apps are available, they can result in increased costs.

Before we begin the migration, we want to make sure your business is compatible. In some cases, it is not the technical infrastructure that stands in the way, but certain work processes that should be mapped differently in the cloud.



We help you to anchor agile processes in your corporate culture that come into play in the cloud.
We analyze your processes and IT landscape in order to start digitization processes where it makes the most sense.


Every day there are new ideas for better processes, the automated use of digital tools and flexible integrations.
As a result, it is sometimes difficult to keep the red line with all the possibilities for innovation. Our approach is to be the stable partner that keeps your feet on the ground in a complex cloud environment and work out realistic opportunities for you.


We share our knowledge to promote cooperation and performance in your team:

  • Workshop New Ways of Working
  • Methodology training
  • Cultural change training

How we minimize licensing costs:

We offer attractive package benefits and advise on advantageous options for purchasing, expanding or renewing Atlassian licenses.



Our attractive project packages often make the use of Atlassian products even cheaper. Talk to us and compare offers with us!



No unnecessary maintenance gaps or bad purchases: We keep track of things for you and actively draw your attention to decisions or options.



Do not miss any announcements or market information and use this information for your optimal planning.


Less than 10 users?

The migration process:


A migration should be well prepared. We therefore use Atlassian's proven migration process as a roadmap, consisting of the following steps:

Cloud Evaluation


At the beginning of your journey, we assess your needs and decide when cloud migration is right for you. Here we also analyze your current landscape and start putting together your migration team.

Migration Planning


Once we've identified your goal, we can begin planning the technical and operational aspects of your migration. Here we choose your migration strategy and method together and define the project and schedule.

Migration Preparations


As your plan takes shape, we can begin preparing your domain and users for migration to the cloud. At this stage, we'll help you upgrade your product to a supported version and clean up your data and users so everything is ready for migration.

Migration Testing


The plan stands and is solid? Then we can start testing. This is an important step in ensuring your production migration goes smoothly. At this point, we prepare any training materials your teams may need to get used to life in the cloud.



Once the tests are complete and everything is working smoothly, we will choose a date for the migration together. We make sure that your systems are offline at a convenient time and for as short a time as possible.



Your cloud products are online and ready to use. We help you with the introduction and get your teams on board. We provide them with guides to help you work in your cloud sites and get your teams up and running.

catworkx Cloud Operations

Your company is constantly changing, and so is your cloud system. New teams, workflows and integrations are often added.

Each extension has an impact on the performance of your system, but also on the way your teams work with it.

With our cloud operations support, we are at your side in the face of constant change. We help you to evaluate the consequences of new configurations and keep track of where adjustments are needed.

We help you with the continuous development of your Atlassian systems and with all integrations.


Cloud Support

We help you with everyday problems with Atlassian and support your end users to get their work done.



We help you to keep your systems healthy and tidy or support you in cleaning and structuring grown environments.


Systems Maintenance

We take full care of your entire Atlassian environment - including integrations, databases and more.


Your point of contact:

Emilio Franke

Atlassian Consultant

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Cloud Migrations, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Jira Align

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