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With the right project and portfolio management setup, you can achieve the same level of success with half of your existing resources and reach goals more efficiently.

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Act early against increasing process complexity and optimize your tools. Deploy customized solutions to create transparency for development, IT and business teams.

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Respond much faster to customer requests, with simple solutions your team can work better and team productivity increases. More clarity in your processes, reduced costs - all with one central platform.

Quality Management


Supply chains are becoming more and more complex - this increases the requirements for stricter quality control with cost-efficient standard setting. For this reason, companies in the automotive industry need to become increasingly agile and continuously adapt to new requirements and innovations. In doing so, Jira supports agile working. Facilitate the development of complex and safety-critical products with agile and collaborative tools.



Traceability is an important aspect in the automotive industry and an important basis for a successful Automotive SPICE assessment. The goal of traceability is to track the status of the implementation of a requirement and make it visible. This transparency can be ensured with Jira. By using a Jira Agile Board, for example, not only can sprints be easily planned and monitored, but the status of a product can also be tracked and managed with the help of release plans.

Innovation Management


The automotive industry is constantly growing and becoming more and more innovative. This is where innovation management comes in. The goal is to use the full creativity of the employees, not to lose the ideas, and at the same time to achieve a prioritization that makes sense for the corporate strategy. For innovation management, the well-known Kanban board was used as an agile project management tool, which is used to map the various phases of the innovation process and combine the support and decisions required in each case with creative methods from design thinking.


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Senior Atlassian Consultant


Compliance, identity and access management, corporate culture, enterprise service management.

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