Now with European Data Residency


Data residency is now available in Standard, Enterprise and Premium Cloud plans. Data residency refers to the physical location where an organization's data or information is stored. Data residency allows organization administrators to view where your Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence data or in-scope product content is hosted.

In-scope product content for Atlassian Products is hosted within the Frankfurt and Dublin AWS regions.







ISO 27001


ISO 27018







Now with European Data Residency

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Easy entry thanks to the available free plans. All functionalities can be tested extensively after the initial set-up. Your license can be easily upgraded to one of the paid plans anytime to access even more features. As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner we offer attractive conditions compared to direct purchases from Atlassian. Call us today!

Migration to the Cloud


You already have instances and want to move them to the cloud? No worries! Use our migration service, that supports migrations from:

  • Server to cloud
  • Data center to cloud
  • Migration of multiple cloud instances
  • Migration of third-party systems to the cloud

If you have any questions, make use of our free cloud check-up.


Protecting your data and company


Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is built to comply with EBA, BaFin, and GDPR to secure your mission-critical products.


Benefits of the Atlassian Cloud

All data in the cloud is encrypted to ensure permanent security and data protection at Atlassian! A dedicated security team performs strict security tests on a regular base and pursues a holistic security concept according to the Common Control Framework. Besides, disaster recovery and business continuity programs ensure maximum availability and continuity.
Another security component of the Atlassian Cloud is its tilt-proof reliability and infrastructure optimized for flexible scaling. Availability of up to 99% can be guaranteed through SLAs while the status of the individual products is displayed transparently and in real-time.
Learn more about Atlassian Cloud Security
Data protection

Especially in the European Union, data protection and data security are of high importance. In order to address these needs, Atlassian offers all cloud products data-compliant according to GDPR. Including the protection of business and personal data, choice of hosting locations, transparency and guidelines for law enforcement.

Atlassian implements critical certifications and standards through the vendor management and security assessment program, the Atlassian Controls Framework, the Cloud Security Alliance membership and the risk management program. Certificates such as  ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC 2 + 3, PCI-DSS und CSA STAR are transparently available for the public. Further information can be found in the Atlassian Compliance Program.

New features

Atlassian Cloud products give you direct access to the latest features to ensure you are always working with most current team collaboration tools. Realize agile project management for teams of all sizes and design your digital workplace. Check the latest features for Jira Cloud here.

Cut administrative costs and reduce maintenance overhead for your IT department since all your instances are managed via your Atlassian Cloud account.

Got some special requirements? Expand the functionality of your Atlassian products with  over 1000+ appsin the Marketplace. As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, we are glad to advise you on this topic.

Increased productivity

Self-managed server solutions require a considerable amount of administration which includes ensuring that all systems and applications running are secure, up-to-date and up-and-running. A challenging task which leads to unexpected failures, risks and costs. Additional capacities and skills are needed to keep the hardware up to date to ensure productivity and security at all times.

All of these challenges are a thing of the past with the Atlassian Cloud. Jira and Confluence applications can be deployed with ease in no time. Stop wasting time with administration and focus on challenges that drive your business!

Enterprise Cloud Option (coming soon)

Addresses the demanding requirements of large instances to guarantee trouble-free work in the cloud. A large package of additional features such as SLAs for 99.95% availability, data residency, unlimited number of users, Atlassian Access, Sandbox or Enterprise Support ensures successful scaling and management. Learn more about the Atlassian Enterprise Cloudhere.


Keeping track of upcoming implementations and changes for Atlassian Cloud is crucial for planning the growth of your projects. Atlassian, therefore, introduced a CloudPlatform and Service Roadmap. Giving you access the latest developments and making it easier to plan your platform strategy. Find detailed information on all changes in the Atlassian Cloud Documentation.

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