Your assets are as unique as your company!

That's why our Assets Solution gives you the opportunity to define your asset types and set them in relation to each other exactly as you need them.  

Use native Jira features to display your assets!

With catworkx Assets, all the native Jira features you already know and appreciate are used.

Connect asset management and service management to better handle internal and external requests.

When you connect internal and external service management requests to your asset management, you can better map them and provide the context needed to process them quickly and easily. 


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Asset Management Whitepapers:

Using Jira Service Management for Asset & Configuration Management

The text provides insights into how Jira Service Management enhances Asset & Configuration Management, benefiting ITSM teams. It emphasizes the importance of knowing organizational assets, such as hardware, software, and licenses, for optimizing ...

Transform your company with high-velocity service management

The text introduces Jira Service Management, offering a solution for modernizing service management amid digital business evolution. It emphasizes the need for cross-team collaboration, highlighting key features like incident management, change ...

Unlocking the power of asset management in your ITSM practices

This whitepaper delves into leveraging Jira Service Management Assets for optimizing asset management within IT Service Management (ITSM). It explores the diverse capabilities of Assets, spanning hardware, software, licenses, facilities, and more. The ...

IT Asset and Service Configuration Management in Jira Service Management

This handbook delves into Atlassian's methodology for IT asset and service configuration management, leveraging Jira Service Management. It navigates through fundamental concepts, such as IT asset management (ITAM), emphasizing the tracking and ...

ITSM simplified: Measurement and reporting

This text emphasizes the critical role of measurement and reporting in IT asset management and service configuration. By documenting assets and configuration items (CIs), organizations can leverage historical data to make informed decisions about ...

Get started on Asset and Configuration Management

The text provides insights into IT asset and configuration management, crucial for enhancing business efficiency and cost savings. It delineates the distinctions between asset and configuration management, emphasizing their importance in decision-making ...

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