Individual contributors

In our book, user experience comes first. Individuals love our software because it's customizable, easy to use, and helps them connect with their teams.

Team leaders

All of our software is highly adaptable. Custom workflows, spaces, and templates can fit every team so your team can work the way it loves to.


When your organization is using Atlassian, it's easy to see what's going on and maintain traceability through all teams.


Jira Work Management

See all project information at a glance with Jira Work Management. Manage your projects and keep your team organized.

Manage projects

Manage projects

Managing projects and tasks in Jira Work Management starts with a workflow. Workflows define your process and enable your team to track tasks. Jira Work Management cloud instances have boards that allow you to visualize your workflows and drag and drop tasks from to-do to done. Currently available in Cloud only.

Monitor details

Monitor details

Task management is easier with statuses, comments, and attachments in one place. Everyone knows a project's details at a glance without having to email or set up a meeting. Plus, with notifications you'll know when your attention is needed.

Measure performance

Measure performance

How many tasks are still in progress? Which team member has too much on their plate? Using Jira Work Management, you can follow the status of your team's projects in different ways: with a quick overview, customized dashboards, or even a pre-defined report. Add a calendar view and you're set.



Confluence is content collaboration software that changes how modern teams work.

Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration

Work together on a whole new level. Create, share, and collaborate on projects all in one place to keep your projects moving forward, faster.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

It's all here when you need it. Easily publish, organize, and access company information in one central location so you can help your customers help themselves.

Team documentation

Team documentation

Do teams the right way. Capture, store, and grow your team's knowledge so you can stay up to date and on the same page - literally.

Project & Work Management Whitepapers:

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Power up your team with Trello and Jira Work Management, two tools that enhance team dynamics and productivity. Organize work using Trello’s boards or opt for timeline, table, calendar, or map views. Save time with automation rules that keep projects ...

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Atlassian Cloud For Small Digital Native, Technology Providers

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Atlassian Cloud For Large Global Retailers

The Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester, commissioned by Atlassian, examines the benefits of deploying Jira Software and Confluence on Atlassian Cloud for large global retailers. Key findings highlight substantial productivity gains, cost avoidance ...

The lean portfolio leader’s guide to capacity planning

The whitepaper discusses the transition from project-based to product-oriented planning in organizations, focusing on lean and agile methodologies. It emphasizes the importance of capacity planning in aligning resources with value streams, especially in ...

Mars shots, not moonshots

The whitepaper discusses how OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) can drive ambitious goal-setting and improve organizational alignment and productivity. Originating from Google's practices and popularized by John Doerr's "Measure What Matters," OKRs ...

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