Flexible Workflow configured by request types

Flexible Workflow configured by request types

Your company has a clear vision: it wants to simplify the workflow and make it more flexible without having to constantly ask the administrator for changes. Put simply, you don't want to have to juggle a multitude of complicated workflows. Grant your teams individual permissions in their CMDB database to create and configure request types. This is ideal for enforcing segregation of duties between different business units while ensuring flexibility.

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Configure for each request type the workflow steps that are needed

Gain the flexibility to switch on and off workflow transitions and approvals regarding to the needs of the project. The project administrator has the full control to change the configuration, which will be applied immediately to the workflows and will be auditable in the change history in Atlassian Assets.

Retrieve approver per requesting user including Fallback approver

When maintaining for each user their respective line manager, this information can be used automatically to set the correct approver for each user. This information we source most often directly from EntraID or another tool into a central CMDB.

Through enrichment of information on the user profile (for example: company and location information), we can also define global fallback approvers.

This approach also allows to configure more complex scenarios: For example: approval and team assignment based on the company (legal entity) and/or location of the employee. In Human Resources service management projects it is sometimes necessary that requests are forwarded to the local HR Business Partner instead of a central team.

Furthermore, viewing restrictions can be applied to respect data protection requirements.

Empower your teams to manage their request types

Give your teams individual Permissions in Atlassian Assets to create and configure their request types. This is ideal to enforce segregation of duty between different business areas, while still providing flexibility.

Each team can configure their request types without having to fear that somebody else will change the workflow behavior or approval requirements.

This approach scales across all enterprise service management teams.

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