Easy to get familiar with, adaptable to your company’s needs and the design you are already comfortable with!

Confluence is an intranet solution that allows contemporary communication, collaboration, and social features.

It is the answer to a distributed workforce operating all over the world and the growing need for an all-in-one virtual work environment.


Confluence rises above the noise and catches the attention of your employees with stunning company news and announcements.

Each user has a personalized landing page with content that is relevant. Enable internal communication with unlimited availability! Desktop or mobile? Your choice!
Unify people, information, content, and resources to get the work done. Experience seamless integration with Jira and speed up your daily processes.

It doesn’t matter whether your team operates remotely or is distributed globally. Reach out even to external partners!


Customize your intranet solution with your company logo, custom colors, and individual layouts. All daily work is done in an environment adjusted to your needs while providing a consistent design.

A unique look and feel, which makes the adaption of your brand easier for employees and delivers it better to external partners.


Employee engagement in global fragmented teams is the biggest challenge for HR departments. Individuals feel cut off from your company’s mission which makes finding their place in your company and bonding with colleagues difficult. The solution is one holistic environment that suits any use case.

Onboarding, offboarding, mentoring, feedback, networking, social hub, HR information, achievement tracking, knowledge sharing and even a blog function to foster your company's culture ... the options are limitless! 


Intranet powers friction-less collaboration by providing spaces for teams, cross-functional projects, and external partners.

No more limited-purpose tools! Unleash your teams full potential by bringing together the best - Confluence and Jira. Unify your workforce and knowledge in one place!

Confluence is a knowledge base that is fully accessible, centralized, and does not allow fragmentation of processes. Isolated processes and lost content are merged in a searchable and organized environment. Connect external collaboration and communication tools like SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox&more. We design a solution and support you with the configuration!


Data and intellectual property are the driving forces of this century making corporate knowledge loss or the inability to find knowledge a serious problem.

Everyday ideas and improvements are generated but not converted into collective know-how. Your assets are wasted by not being saved, shared or reused and are eternally lost when an employee leaves the company - Corporate knowledge loss is the consequence.

A living library and institutional memory that turns transient actions into collective value – visible, findable and reusable! Constant forgetting is transformed into a long-lasting collective knowledge base!


Support done by phone and email only is costly, ineffective, and a waste of time.

HR and IT departments invest immense amounts of time and effort into results that are frustrating for both sides. The same tasks are being solved over and over again without being able to escape this vicious circle. An intranet solution breaks the loop, erases inefficiency, and tracks all support processes and results in one place.

Provide exceptional customer service with the powerful integration of Confluence and Jira Service Management. Back up your support management with a knowledge base and self-service solutions. Vastly improve the service management experience and take ITSM to the next level.

1. Software Development

All team members can work collaboratively on feature requirements documents and linked Jira stories are directly displayed on the page. No more fragmented processes that cause differing document versions, confusion and in the end slow down your software development efforts.


2. Documentation Team

Unite all information and explanations for your software in one place. Publish official product information for customers and even integrate with Jira Workflows and Fields in Confluence. Implement improved review and publishing processes with catworkx Workflows and Fields for Confluence.


3. Service Desk

Make your customers happy and unburden your agents! Improve customer support by creating a self-service portal which provides answers to common problems and reduce the number of new tickets. Issues are solved only once and cost related to ITSM are reduced.



Linchpin Essentials

Confluence is a knowledge management system - get more out of your Confluence and take it to the next level. Linchpin Essentials is the Confluence solution that improves user adoption and team collaboration. It's a streamlined solution for organizations that want to get more out of their Confluence instance.

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Refined - Structure and Theme Confluence

Build Confluence the way you need it and create engaging sites with the look n' feel of your company. Each site, category and space are customisable and adaptable to specific uses cases. All users access the latest updates through configurable Confluence Dashboards. Easily define who can see which content and make your information accessible and actionable.


Brikit Theme Press for Confluence

Brikit Theme Press makes your entire company work better together. Erase barriers and speed up user adoption with amazing design flexibility and hide complex features until everyone is ready. Theme Press is perfect for non-technical audiences - intuitive, future-proof, and mobile-ready

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Lively Theme for Confluence

Your space - your choice. Improve your confluence experience with countless widgets like Team Calendars, Questions, Tasks or Blog posts. Create custom menus and make it easy for your team to collaborate and access all relevant information for the daily work.


STAGIL Navigation for Confluence

Take Confluence to the next level! Easily adapt the navigation bar to your team's needs. Hide menus, create completely new ones and define visibility based on user permissions. Express who you are and add custom pictures which align with your corporate identity to the header. Adjust the Confluence footer to your needs and provide useful links and information. Improve your Confluence appearance and get more work done in less time!

Software used for Social Intranet: Diagrams for Confluence logo Diagrams for Confluence

Trust the #1 rated app on the Atlassian Marketplace. Collaborate on diagrams and whiteboards in real-time More installs than all Confluence diagramming apps ... Diagrams for ...
Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence logo

Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence

With over 16 million users and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Gliffy's Atlassian apps help teams of all types make diagrams and communicate visually.
Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence
Cenote Lockpoint - Attachment Check-out logo

Cenote Lockpoint - Attachment Check-out

Cenote® Lockpoint™ adds check-in and check-out capabilities so you can lock Confluence attachments for exclusive changes and prevent accidental overwrites.
Cenote Lockpoint - Attachment ...
Scroll Word Exporter for Confluence logo

Scroll Word Exporter for Confluence

Scroll Word Exporter helps you to create great documentation by turning your Confluence pages into beautiful, professionally styled Word documents.
Scroll Word Exporter for ...
Confluence logo


Achieve more together: Confluence is the remote workspace for your team, where knowledge and collaboration meet. Confluence is team collaboration software that changes how modern teams work
Trello logo


Bring the power of a visual perspective to your team. Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new productivity peaks. From high rises to the home office, the way your team works is unique – ...
Atlassian Atlas logo

Atlassian Atlas

Atlas is the first teamwork directory to connect the dots across teams, their apps, and work — wherever it happens.
Atlassian Atlas
STAGIL Navigation for Jira logo

STAGIL Navigation for Jira

Manage and Enhance the Jira Top Navigation and Overall Appearance. STAGIL Navigation for Jira gives you the power to customize the appearance of Jira, including many elements that also highly improve ...
STAGIL Navigation for Jira
STAGIL Tables and ToDo Checklists for Jira logo

STAGIL Tables and ToDo Checklists for Jira

Multiple Data Sets Management. STAGIL Tables for Jira gives you the ability to track different sets of data within your Jira issues in an easily configurable table. The table is a new type of custom ...
STAGIL Tables and ToDo ...

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