Syncing enterprise resource planning with process management - The best of both worlds!

Jira and SAP® are both industry leaders in their respective domains, offering unique strengths in process management and enterprise resource planning. When integrated, they create a powerful synergy that combines the best of both worlds, leading to improved efficiency, collaboration, and strategic decision-making for businesses.


Why integrating Jira and SAP® makes sense:

By integrating Jira and SAP®, businesses can harness the combined power of process management and resource planning, leading to transformative benefits in efficiency, collaboration, and strategic decision-making

Efficiency & Streamlined Workflows


Renowned for its unparalleled efficiency in managing processes, people, and tasks. It provides a robust framework for tracking projects, managing assignments, and aligning tasks with strategic goals.


Shines in managing enterprise resources with precision, handling everything from procurement to payroll.


When Jira and SAP® are synchronized, they bridge the gap between process management and resource planning, ensuring optimal task and project alignment.

Transparency & Accountability:


Offers clear visualization of work progress and facilitates seamless communication among team members, fostering a culture of transparency.


Provides a unified view of business operations, helping understand the financial and resource implications of decisions.


Integrating both systems breaks down silos, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration across the organization.

Agility & Adaptability


Enhances team agility, allowing them to respond to changes and challenges with full knowledge of resources and capabilities.


Provides the rigid framework that businesses need to comply with today's regulations and audits.


Increases the adaptability of the business in a fast-paced market by ensuring decisions are made with comprehensive understanding and strategic planning.

Integration solutions

There is a Variety of use-cases for the integration of Jira and SAP®. Here are three of our most common ones:


Creating Jira projects & issues directly from SAP® Work Packages

SAP work Package sync with Jira


In the realm of service companies, SAP® work packages serve as the backbone for order receipt and client billing, playing a pivotal role in the financial lifecycle of orders. Meanwhile, the granular planning, tracking, and execution of tasks often unfold within Jira. Bridging these two critical processes, our innovative integration seamlessly morphs SAP® work packages into Jira Projects, Epics, Issues, and subtasks. Tailor-made to fit various operational scenarios, this automation ensures that your project delivery team operates within an environment best suited to their workflow.



Comprehensive project creation options

Accommodate Projects, Epics, Issues and subtask with custom data from SAP®.


Assign projects and issues to the right person

Set responsibilities based on SAP® data or Project / issue templates.


Define detailed project plans with ease

Use the project planning capabilities in Jira and from 3rd party apps such as tempo planner.


Use existing data from SAP® 

Use data that exists in SAP® to prefill your Jira projects, epics, Issues and subtasks with relevant information.


Bi-Directional Sync

Reported hours on Jira issue can be synchronized back into SAP® for accurate reporting

Bridging Support and Change Management Between Jira Service Management and SAP® Solution Manager or Cloud ALM


SolMan Solution Manager sync with JSM


IT departments encounter a broad spectrum of support requests, from urgent SAP® security patches to incidents as mundane as coffee spills on a brand-new MacBook. Each of these issues demands categorization, allocation to the appropriate responder, and processing through the correct workflows and approval channels. Jira Service Management excels in gathering and sorting these issues with a high degree of automation. The Solution Manager, on the other hand, typically handles concerns specific to your SAP® environment. However, when IT teams receive JSM tickets related to their SAP® systems, they find themselves manually transferring these issues into SolMan. This disrupts the workflow, disrupts the alignment of statuses, and fragments transparency across teams.

Enter our innovative synchronization solution. Tickets pertinent to your SAP® environment will automatically sync with SolMan or Cloud ALM, allowing your SAP® specialists to work within their preferred ecosystem and manage their tickets as needed. This seamless integration ensures that updates on status and progress are synchronized, enabling JSM reporters to view any changes and track progress effectively. Monitoring and tracking of progress are streamlined through Jira, offering a comparative view of resolution times and progress across departments.


Get the best of both worlds:


The robust ERP Structure of SAP®

jira service management

The intuitive usability of JSM and Jira


Harmonized status updates


Advanced filtering and sorting in JSM

Synchronizing Time Sheets with TEMPO and SAP®



Tempo Logo 512px-1

(Tempo) time sheets

Why is it essential to synchronize timesheets between SAP® and Jira?

  • Time tracking in SAP® can be less than ideal, often requiring a more intuitive solution.
  • Directing entries to the appropriate cost center in SAP® right from the start is crucial for accurate financial oversight.
  • The effectiveness of profit and loss reporting on these cost centers hinges on the accurate landing of time records in SAP®.
  • Financial monitoring within SAP® is a critical component of this process.


Numerous departments meticulously record their working hours on diverse issues and projects within Jira. These logged hours frequently require integration into SAP® for purposes such as invoicing, reporting, among others. There are multiple methods for achieving a seamless worklog synchronization.

From TEMPO to ERP systems, there are pathways including CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) flows, offering a potential solution. Alternatively, direct writing into systems can be considered.

Special departments noted their capabilities to import and export CSV files, showcasing a traditional approach. However, we are acquainted with all possible routes to ensure efficient data transfer.

As an innovative substitute to CSV files, leveraging a data lake presents a modernized solution. The primary objective remains clear: integrating TEMPO worklogs into SAP® effectively, regardless of the method. Drawing from our extensive experience with other client projects, we are adept at navigating these complexities to meet your needs.


Tempo Sync with SAP

A cautious approach to SAP® data integration


SAP®is known for its intricate complexity within the ERP realm, where even the smallest data errors can lead to significant disruptions and financial repercussions.

In the fast-paced realm of agile management, Jira often serves as a platform for extensive changes, bulk updates, and the emergence of new project landscapes. A direct synchronization between Jira and SAP® becomes therefore rather risky.

The process of transferring data from Jira to SAP® requires careful consideration. While some organizations opt for a hands-on approach, empowering users and departments to manually oversee the data transfer to SAP® and shifting responsibility away from IT, others prefer the security of CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) flows. These vigilant flows meticulously review data before integrating it into the SAP® database fabric. The choice of approach depends on the specific needs of your operational environment, security requirements, and data sensitivity.

Our expertise covers a wide range of strategies for connecting Jira and SAP®, providing customized insights into the art and science of data integration.


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At catworkx, recognized as an Atlassian solution expert, and Walldorf Consulting, specialized in SAP® solutions, both within the TimeToAct Group, we excel in integrating Jira and SAP® platforms for our clients. Our joint competencies focus on optimizing workflow efficiency, ensuring impeccable data consistency, and delivering real-time insights. By leveraging our combined expertise, we enable businesses to refine their processes and fully harness the capabilities of both Jira and SAP®. With catworkx and Walldorf Consulting collaboratively driving integrated solutions, clients can confidently anticipate top-tier competency and unparalleled results.











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