Agile developers focus on sustainable development–not heroics. Sustainability is about good estimation, effective branching strategies for managing code, automated testing to protect quality, and continuous deployment to get fast feedback from users.

Adopting sustainable development practices requires a discipline most of us aspire to–but often struggle to realize–as individuals. That's because nobody can go agile in a vacuum. The culture of the entire organization has to rally behind it. That means getting project leaders to buy into the notion that quality is more important than scope or schedule, which is often the hardest part of adopting agile.

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Agile software development

Most development teams rely on agile practices to facilitate planning and releasing software so they can quickly pivot work to meet customer demand and stay ahead of competition. Jira Software is the #1 software development tool used by agile teams and once planning is complete, developers can jump directly into the code base from the ticket itself.


Code collaboration with Git

85% of software teams use a distributed version control system, like Git. Git offers a collaborative way to work on code regardless of location. With Bitbucket, teams can see active branches and pull requests while discussing issues where they matter most - leaving inline comments directly in the source code.


Better together

Agile, Git and CD are critical components of modern software development, but when combined together the results are powerful. On average, teams that integrate Bitbucket and Jira Software release 14% more often than teams with just one of these products, helping them get updates into the hands of customers sooner. Take a deep dive into our software product integrations.


Built for professional teams

Distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team. The only collaborative Git solution that massively scales.


Code collaboration on steroids

Approve code review more efficiently with pull requests. Hold discussions right in the source code with inline comments.


Git that massively scales

Have uninterrupted access with Bitbucket Data Center. Fast performance wherever you are in the world.


Flexible deployment models

Enjoy flexible deployment models for teams of all sizes and needs. Host it in our cloud or manage it on your servers.


The #1 software development tool used by agile teams

Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software.



Create user stories and events, schedule sprints, and distribute tasks to your software team.

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Assign priorities and discuss the work of your team in the context - with more transparency.

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You can be sure to have all the information to deliver the best software.

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Use visual representations of real-time data to improve the performance of your team.


Portfolio for Jira

Portfolio for Jira enables realistic strategic planning, regardless of how many teams or people you have working towards your goals. It provides a single source of truth into the health of your projects.

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