Explore the benefits that Jira Service Management offers to meet the diverse needs of State and Local Government

Streamlined Operations

Jira Service Management simplifies complex processes within state and local government agencies, optimizing workflows and ensuring efficient service delivery. From request management to incident resolution, Jira helps you streamline operations, reduce response times, and increase overall productivity.

Enhanced Citizen Engagement

Engage citizens like never before with Jira Service Management. The intuitive self-service portal empowers citizens to find answers, submit requests, and track progress effortlessly. Enable transparent communication and provide exceptional citizen experiences, fostering trust and satisfaction within your community.

Tailored to the Public Sector

Jira Service Management understands the unique requirements of state and local government organizations. It offers customizable workflows, permissions, and automation capabilities, allowing you to align the system with your specific processes and regulations. Adapt Jira to your needs, whether it's in permits, public works, or citizen support services.

Customer Portal - Making it easy for citizens to find answers and ask for help!

Discover the centralized support solution! By bringing all your service desks together, Help Central ensures that citizens can easily find answers and seek assistance from one centralized platform. Even with this consolidation, direct linking to individual service desks is still possible, allowing tailored support for specialized needs. With robust permissions and visibility features, you can maintain data security while ensuring transparency between citizens and government agencies. Experience a seamless support experience that simplifies citizen interactions and enhances efficiency.

Unlock the power of knowledge base integration with Confluence!

By seamlessly integrating a Confluence Knowledge Base (KB), you can provide employees and customers with a centralized source of knowledge. This integration enables easy access to relevant information, deflecting up to 45% of incoming requests. Empower your teams and customers with comprehensive knowledge resources, streamlining support processes and enhancing self-service capabilities. Harness the full potential of Confluence integration to optimize knowledge management and improve customer satisfaction.

Submitting a ticket or request for help becomes effortless with a user-friendly system!

No technical knowledge beyond typing is necessary. Enabling requests to be reused and belong to multiple groups, makes it easier for people to find the help they need. Simplify the support process for citizens, ensuring their queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. Experience the convenience of an intuitive ticket submission system and empower citizens to seek assistance with ease.

Discover the remarkable power of Jira Service Management automation

Experience how automation serves as a force multiplier for your agents, enabling them to accomplish more with fewer interactions. By automating repetitive tasks, notifications, and rule-based actions, your agents can focus on higher-value work and provide faster resolutions. Maximize efficiency, reduce manual effort, and enhance the overall productivity of your support teams through the intelligent automation capabilities of JSM.

Build out a comprehensive service catalog effortlessly and quickly!

Experience the ease and speed at which you can set up and deploy your service catalog within Jira Service Management. By providing a well-organized and user-friendly interface for agents, you can streamline service request management and ensure consistent delivery of services. Simplify the catalog creation process, customize service offerings, and empower your agents to deliver exceptional service experiences to citizens and employees alike.

Three challenges government agencies face

Powering Collaboration in a remote world

The shift to remote work has presented government agencies with the need to effectively communicate and collaborate. To succeed in this new environment, agencies must reimagine their work processes and adopt technology that enables seamless collaboration, work visibility, and process automation. By utilizing appropriate collaboration software, agencies can enhance communication, ensure accountability, and maintain secure workflows.

Integrating security and compliance throughout

The transition to remote work has raised concerns regarding security and compliance for government agencies. Traditional approaches focusing on perimeter protection may not suffice in the remote work landscape. To tackle this challenge, agencies should embrace DevSecOps, a framework that incorporates security at every stage of software development. By adopting a proactive security approach, agencies can identify and address vulnerabilities before they impact production.

Addressing the move to the cloud

Government agencies have realized the importance of modernization and resilience in their operations. Legacy systems often struggle to meet evolving demands, prompting agencies to explore cloud computing solutions. Cloud offers scalability and performance that traditional hosting methods may lack. While migrating legacy systems to the cloud can be complex, agencies can adopt a phased approach or hybrid environments to leverage cloud benefits while maintaining control and mitigating security concerns.

Compliance Certifications, Standards, and Regulations

Atlassian obtain industry-accepted certifications and comply with current industry standards and regulations so you can feel confident that your data remain secure and compliant.

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ISO 27001


ISO 27018









How to improve security posture in the government?

Define and deliver security practices

Establish a single source of truth for security protocols and procedures to ensure everyone knows their roles and expectations in case of a data breach. Use open documentation tools like Confluence to deliver and make accessible the most recent version of every policy. Communicate the location of these documents, update frequency, and share practices digitally to include remote workers in an increasingly remote world.

Adopt the right security tools and use them effectively

Strengthen security posture by considering how devices, systems, and software can facilitate healthy security habits. Evaluate the tools used to monitor the network, respond to incidents, and track daily tasks. Ensure they are efficient and enable easy sharing of information to prevent inefficiencies that can compromise security.

Automate agency security procedures

Optimize security posture by implementing automated processes. Automation saves time, reduces human error, and enhances threat detection. Automated workflows can include scans on incoming files, proactive searches for incidents, and prediction of future security threats. By automating security procedures, employees can focus on critical tasks rather than repetitive security scan work.


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