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Requirements Management

Requirements Agile requirements are a product owner's best friend. Product owners who don't use agile requirements get caught up with spec'ing out ...
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Agile Development

Nobody wants to ship software with lots of bugs, performance issues, and low customer satisfaction. Continuous integration and code reviews help ...
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Enterprise Wiki

Keep your team involved! With most organizations having some portion of their team in different locations, collaboration is crucial to get the job ...
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Enterprise Service Management

ESM helps companies define their services and offer them in a consistent manner through a single portal that is accessible 24/7.
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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Jira and Confluence provide a good basis for mapping GRC processes. Use issue types for policies, audits and risks and relate them to STAGIL assets. 
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Scaled Agile

Maximizing Efficiency and Driving Results with the Customizable and Scalable Framework
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Agile Transformation

Through Agile Transformation, unlock your full potential and achieve a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business environment.
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Cost tracking

Improve your business's financial health with cost tracking. Understanding how the cost tracking system works can help you achieve better results.
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Resource Planning

Proactive resource planning is the key to effective project management. Good resource planning is a rich mix of process, technology, and automation. ...
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Data security

Effective data security is critical for organizations of all sizes and industries. A solid foundation for data security can be established by ...

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Teams and Industries overview:

Enterprise Services


We are an all-Atlassian company focused on empowering your business with the tools to support its growth. We deliver a complete turn-key experience, taking care of every aspect so you can focus on what truly matters for your business. And thoroughly support your enterprise's digital transformation around #Atlassian products.

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Public Sector


The digitalization of the public sector is in good hands - with a certified Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner. We accompany you on every step of your journey, adapt our solutions to your requirements and support you even after the successful implementation. Your infrastructure is future proof and always ready to grow with your needs.



Leverage our Atlassian expertise and efficiently use the power of Automotive SPICE®, Systems Engineering, Functional Safety and Automotive Security. Quality management, traceability, as well as creative methods and teamwork are top priorities. With our help, you can professionally optimize your innovation management and integrate it into a flexible and transparent system with the Atlassian platform.

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Marketing Teams


Atlassian Tools for Marketing Teams – Jira and Confluence form an excellent basis for mapping your marketing processes and bringing them into line with other processes in your company.



Atlassian provides comprehensive privacy and security protections that enable our customers to operate our products in compliance with HIPAA.




Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket provide an excellent platform to take your e-commerce solution to the next level. catworkx as Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner we support you in implementing any use case.

Retail industry


Retail businesses need to provide high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a seamless shopping experience. In today's competitive retail environment, managing all of these aspects can be a daunting task. Atlassian software tools can assist retail businesses in streamlining their operations, improving communication and collaboration, and optimizing processes, all of which contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Atlassian Konfiguratio

Agile & DevOps


IT & Software Developing and delivering great software faster and better also requires the best tools. To facilitate software planning and release, most development teams rely on agile methodologies. This allows them to quickly prioritize tasks to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition. Jira Software is the leading software development tool for agile teams.

Service Teams


Service and Support: Shape the future of IT.Ensure better service delivery, accelerate troubleshooting, and foster lasting trust in your organization.


Project Management


Atlassian tools can be used for all business processes. Modernize your project management and support a new quality for your projects. Make more of your investment and eliminate outdated process: JIRA Software can modernize its project management and support a new quality for its products.

Logistics industry


Transform your logistics operations with Atlassian's powerful tools. Streamline your tasks, projects, and workflows for faster, more accurate deliveries. Get real-time data and insights to stay ahead of the competition, and automate routine tasks to boost productivity and improve your bottom line.




With Atlassian solutions, you can automate and optimize your finance, insurance, and tax processes. Get more efficiency and peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

Mechanical engineering


Mechanical engineering plays a vital role in modern society, contributing to the development of new technologies that improve our quality of life.

Stay competitive in Mechanical engineering with catworkx and Atlassian Tools. Explore industry trends and solutions to adapt to new technologies.


Human Resources


Human resources services are critical to organizations because they enable efficient human resources management, including recruitment, retention and development, compliance with labour laws and risk mitigation. In this regard, Atlassian offers helpful tools and software solutions to help you streamline HR processes, improve collaboration, and ensure the effective implementation of HR strategies.

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Janine Sauer
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