catworkx ERP

All core elements like HR, CRM, CC, BI (Reporting) CMDB, Time Tracking - unified in one place to make better/smarter decisions.

Designed for small and medium business - scalable, cost-effective, and easy to set up.

Manage your company from everywhere at any time.

Fast Set-Up

Fast Set-Up

Stop wasting time with a complex and time-consuming setup.

Start in less than 24 hours and take actions that drive your business.

catworkx ERP puts in no time all business tools at your fingertips - out-of-the-box and hassle-free.

Based on Jira from Atlassian

Based on Jira from Atlassian

Our ERP solution is based on the Atlassian Suite. No more worries about compatibility or scalability. 

Enjoy the full knowledge and support of the Atlassian Community. Constant security updates and performance improvements ensure that you work with the best tools available, always!

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Say Goodbye to legacy services and exorbitant renewal fees. 

We share the Atlassian approach - transparency and full cost control at any time. No complicated contracts, expensive consultants or hidden development costs. We believe that an ERP solution doesn't have to cost a fortune but rather helps you build your own!


catworkx ERP is your personal companion that grows with your needs.

catworkx ERP is your personal companion that grows with your needs. Our solutions is made for startups, medium enterprises and globally distributed workforces.

We can't predict where your journey takes you but can make sure that you are tilt-proof in any situation. Expand your capacity in no time and easily upgrade your systems on demand.

Answer a rapidly changing economy with an open and flexible approach with unlimited range. Connect your system and with any other service like Slack, Microsoft, Dropbox & more 

The options are limitless!

Experience seamless integration and automation directly in Jira.



We base this functionality on Tempo Timesheets, a powerful tracking software for Jira.

Make time tracking easy for your whole team while obtaining reliable data for reporting, invoicing and accounting. Automated processes increase efficiency and cut operational expenses and complexities.



catworkx ERP turns contemporary interactions with your customers into reusable assets. Store all sales data, track all conversation history, improve your invoicing activities and monitor the status of all contracts.

Boost your sales funnel with real-time data to make sure your customers have the most streamlined buying and interaction experience possible!

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Track up your decisions with data!

Gain actionable insights on your business processes through constant information collection and analysis. Our solution uses EazyBi, a powerful integration for Jira.

Elevate your reporting with the report builder, endless visualization options, custom charts and configurable calculations.

CMBD-Inventory Management

CMBD-Inventory Management

Achieve control over all assets in your enterprise with catworkx ERP.

Gain full visibility of your infrastructure and services, leading to more control of your environment and better decisions.

Impact analysis, asset management, compliance and configuration management.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Reshape your financial management by unifying your processes.

Automate processes to save time, reduce errors, and get done more! Conduct banking activities, handle legal issues and generate in no time all tax-relevant reports

Reduced expenses and improved transaction speed while maintaining full transparency!

Password Management

Password Management

catworkx ERP comes with a built-in password manager, that helps you create and manage secure passwords - directly in Jira.

Easy to use, built-in changelog, and encryption on database level! All your passwords and logins stored in one central password vault.

Accessible. Organized. Safe.

In search of personalization and customization?


Access the Atlassian Marketplace - an endless amount of Apps are waiting for your discovery!

You still didn't found what you were looking for?

Build your own solutions based on Rest-API or reach out to our development team.

The choice is Yours!

Become part of catworkx ERP!

Combine all the advantages of a cloud-based solution with the performance and security of a server instance. Reliability and reduced infrastructure costs allow you to focus primarily on project implementation.

No more need for on-site hardware or capital expenses. We take care of throughput, response time and availability. Your data is backed up regularly in the cloud, minimizing data losses in disaster situations.

More security features? No worries, our 2FA-Option got you covered. Deliver an extra layer of protection for user accounts and significantly decreases the risk of unauthorized access and system breaches.

All our services are hosted in Germany and compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation and the German DSVGO. Fulfilling the highest possible security standards - because your data matters!

Optional Functions



Reach new levels of team collaboration and extend your work environment with a collective knowledge base! Confluence is a flexible tool that unifies people, information, content, and resources to get the work done.

Elevate your customer service with self-service solutions for an improved service desk experience.


Provide outstanding support with Jira Service Desk, a flexible and easy way to handle your Customer Service Management.

Easily submit and delegate issues - regardless if an external request or internal process. Take your support to the next level with powerful automation and SLAs.

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Let's join forces on your path for greatness! As you naturally scale and grow - challenges, ideas, and improvements will come along your way. No worries, we are here for you!

Back up your plans with our strong knowledge in business development and transformation. Agile practices meet our yearlong experience.


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