We are at your service as an Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partner with our yearlong experience on migrations to or within Atlassian Systems.

We work with clients of all sizes. Meaning it doesn't matter if your solution is for a medium-sized company or an enterprise solution. We ensure a smooth process and reduce downtimes to a bare minimum.

Dedicated personal contact

Dedicated personal contact

A lot of things can go wrong while a migration. You can rely on us as Atlassian Solution Partner - we assist you with all necessary steps for a successful migration to the Atlassian Product Family.

Hosting Consultation

Hosting Consultation

Unsure which hosting option is best for your migration plan? We are glad to help and explain the different options. Find out more here.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

No hidden surprises! We analyze before your migration, which license model is the best fit for your current framework and environment.

Downtime minimization

Downtime minimization

We regard the limitation of downtimes in our migration planning, so you can get back to work - asap.

Data integrity

Data integrity

We ensure that all your data that was there initially is fully migrated to the target environment. 

Scaled for enterprise

Scaled for enterprise

We take on extensive migration projects and advise you through the entire process as part of our Atlassian Enterprise Services.

Cloud Migration

The Atlassian Cloud is the latest and most futuristic deployment option from Atlassian. In addition to the latest features, the maintenance of the systems is especially simplified here. Leaves you more time to focus on tasks that drive your business. Learn all about Atlassian Cloud here. catworkx offers the service of complete migration of server products to the Atlassian Cloud.


The migration process:


A migration should be well prepared. We therefore use Atlassian's proven migration process as a roadmap, consisting of the following steps:

Cloud Evaluation


At the beginning of your journey, we assess your needs and decide when cloud migration is right for you. Here we also analyze your current landscape and start putting together your migration team.

Migration Planning


Once we've identified your goal, we can begin planning the technical and operational aspects of your migration. Here we choose your migration strategy and method together and define the project and schedule.

Migration Preparations


As your plan takes shape, we can begin preparing your domain and users for migration to the cloud. At this stage, we'll help you upgrade your product to a supported version and clean up your data and users so everything is ready for migration.

Migration Testing


The plan stands and is solid? Then we can start testing. This is an important step in ensuring your production migration goes smoothly. At this point, we prepare any training materials your teams may need to get used to life in the cloud.



Once the tests are complete and everything is working smoothly, we will choose a date for the migration together. We make sure that your systems are offline at a convenient time and for as short a time as possible.



Your cloud products are online and ready to use. We help you with the introduction and get your teams on board. We provide them with guides to help you work in your cloud sites and get your teams up and running.

Data Center Migration

Challenges often arise when the size of your Jira instance is growing. A declining performance combined with increasing outages can quickly lead to security gaps and decreased productivity while resulting in increased costs. A switch to Data Center needs to be evaluated if these problems apply to your Atlassian systems. We offer comprehensive services around the conversion to Atlassian Data Center products. Learn more about performance here.


Atlassian Migration

You are new to the Atlassian ecosystem and setting up Jira and Confluence for your company? Need to combine or split several instances? We are glad to assist you with everything and migrate all data from your previous system. Our services include the setup of a test system and transfer to a production instance. Do make use of our  hosting & license check-up to find a fitting solution for your use-case


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Ramon Wójcik

IT System Administrator

Ramon Wójcik
Java, Swift, React

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