Our support does not end with the technical implementation or integration with existing systems. We offer individual training concepts to give your team an easy start, increase adoption rates and support the general switch to digital working. Our experienced team assists you in the long term.

Competence, experience and service orientation - values our partners such as municipalities, public utilities, universities and insurance companies can build on.


Overview of our services

Guidance and conception
Guidance and conception:

Get profound advice and help on any concept due to our yearlong experience.


We implement your requirements while ensuring a stable infrastructure.


Launch, advanced training, admin training or specific requests.


Continuous support with your inquiries and implementation of new requirements after initial implementation.

Our apps make the most out of Jira and Confluence - to create your complete virtual work environment.

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Products and solutions:


Atlassian offers various products to meet the most diverse requirements. All solutions are compatible with each another and functionality can be expanded using applications from the marketplace.


Jira for project and task management

Visualize the workflow of complex issues with the help of Jira. Ease collaboration, speed up processes and ensure transparency in your organization. All your information, documents and data are stored in the associated projects and are easily and only accessible for authorized persons. No more loss of information, misunderstandings and outdated project statuses. All configurations can be adapted to the individual needs of different departments of your organization.

(tick) Mapping of individual work processes 

(tick) Make complexity transparent 

(tick) Work in groups or with individuals 

(tick) Simple and centralised access management

(tick) Easy to integrate with other solutions


Jira Service Management for managing service requests

Jira Service Management unites internal request from employees and external inquiries from citizens, in one place. 

Employees can request new hardware and handle their internal process like vacation applications. Citizens can submit their inquiries here according to specified and customizable categories. All inquiries are automatically structured for easy and quick processing. A service portal with self-service options can be made available for the public. Nevertheless, inquiries can still be made by e-mail, fax or telephone, from which a ticket is automatically created. All work processes can be controlled and delegated manually or combined with automation for comprehensive process optimization.

(tick) Creation of administrative processes from email

(tick) Unification of all requests and automatization of reoccurring events

(tick) Adaptable to a wide variety of use cases

(tick) Individual customization

(tick) Easy to integrate with other solutions


Confluence as an internal wiki for shared knowledge management 

Create an internal wiki using Confluence. Store processes, documents and information in an organized, centralized and searchable environment Individual areas within the wiki can be delimited and restricted to ensure confidentiality according to organizational structures without causing the overhead of having to safe data on multiple locations. Collaborate on processes, documents and topics from anywhere in a contemporary manner.

(tick) Easy creation, storing and sharing of documents

(tick) Configurable access management

(tick) Replicate processes and guidelines digitally

(tick) Simultaneous work on documents possible

(tick) Easy to integrate with other solutions

Your point of contact:

Rüdiger Meier

IT- Systems Administrator

Process management, Controlling,  Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Work Management

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