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Power Drill

Direct implementation

Consulting services only create value if they can be transferred directly into practice. That's why we prefer proof of concepts and new workflows to lengthy and colourful slide decks. This way, our consulting services can benefit your everyday business as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Jira Consulting

No castles in the air

Since we usually not only bring good ideas but also implement them systemically, we bear responsibility for the feasibility of our plans. Therefore, we will never get the idea to sell you any solution that is not practical!


Measurable improvements

Results are only good if they can be measured. An important part of our work is therefore to establish measurability in all processes that we optimize. Regardless of your industry or use case, our top priority is to measurably increase your efficiency. 

New Features

Fun with new things

When there are new tools and features that we can use to our customers' advantage, we can't wait to get our hands on them and put them to good use. The same goes for industries and use cases: Nothing brings us more joy than collaborating in exciting new environments.

Consulting for your use case:


Sometimes you need a helping hand to decide and implement the details of a plan. That's where we come in as Atlassian consultants!

We are happy to advise you in detail and personally regarding Atlassian products and our services around Atlassian.

As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we offer you the complete range of consulting services, from requirements management and process consulting to platform issues and implementation, right through to the configuration of your Atlassian landscape.


Project & Work Management

Reports & Dashboards icon

Reports & Dashboards

Reporting helps to analyze and track your work throughout a project. Jira Software offers many different reports to show information about your issues, sprints, project, versions and epics. You can also create reports in Confluence if you have ...
Project Management icon

Project Management

Atlassian tools can be used for all business processes. Modernize your project management and support a new quality for your projects.
Learning Management System (LMS) icon

Learning Management System (LMS)

Store, track, and organize information and share these training resources with your customers and employees - regardless of time or location.
Time Tracking icon

Time Tracking

Let your team track the time they spend working on issues. This helps organizations manage the workload for their projects and activities that are part of an issue.
ERP icon


catworkx ERP is your personal companion that grows with your needs. Our solutions is made for startups, medium enterprises and globally distributed workforces.We can't predict where your journey takes you but can make sure that you are tilt-proof ...
Business Processes icon

Business Processes

Discover the art of streamlined operations and efficiency. Explore our comprehensive guide to business processes, from modeling techniques like flowcharts and BPMN to leveraging Atlassian tools and catworkx Consulting for optimal results.
Cost tracking icon

Cost tracking

Improve your business's financial health with cost tracking. Understanding how the cost tracking system works can help you achieve better results.
Resource Planning  icon

Resource Planning

Proactive resource planning is the key to effective project management. Good resource planning is a rich mix of process, technology, and automation. This helps companies work more efficiently by assigning the right people, time, and tools to a ...
Marketing icon


Jira and Confluence form an excellent basis for mapping your marketing processes and bringing them into line with other processes in your company.


Requirements Management icon

Requirements Management

Requirements Agile requirements are a product owner's best friend. Product owners who don't use agile requirements get caught up with spec'ing out every detail to deliver the right software (then cross their fingers hoping they've spec'ed out the ...
Agile Development icon

Agile Development

Nobody wants to ship software with lots of bugs, performance issues, and low customer satisfaction. Continuous integration and code reviews help prevent this...
Test Management icon

Test Management

Bringing testing capabilities within JIRA helps tightly integrate product management, development, and testing to streamline efficiency and productivity.
Technical Documentation icon

Technical Documentation

With all the good intentions to drive the digitization and modernization in the company, two things always remain: the e-mail and the documents. It is therefore important to redefine the role of both forms of documentation and to integrate them into ...
Scaled Agile icon

Scaled Agile

Maximizing Efficiency and Driving Results with the Customizable and Scalable Framework
Agile Transformation icon

Agile Transformation

Through Agile Transformation, unlock your full potential and achieve a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business environment.
Data security icon

Data security

Effective data security is critical for organizations of all sizes and industries. A solid foundation for data security can be established by focusing on Permission Schemes, Risk Matrix and Access Control. These factors ensure that only authorized ...
Scrum and Kanban icon

Scrum and Kanban

Discover the power of Scrum and Kanban in the Atlassian ecosystem. Optimize workflows and collaboration across industries with Atlassian's suite of powerful Agile tools like Jira Software and Trello. Learn how these methodologies, when implemented ...
SAFe and LeSS icon

SAFe and LeSS

Scale Agile practices seamlessly with SAFe and LeSS in the Atlassian environment. Overcome challenges and drive continuous delivery. Explore how Jira Align and Confluence complement SAFe and LeSS, empowering large organizations to align, plan, and ...

Service Management

Knowledge & Information Management

Consulting on the use of the right software:


Get the full potential from your Atlassian products- do you have volumes of confusing Jira workflows? Missing Confluence pages? Bitbucket committing buggy code? Years of experience have made us experts at figuring out what best practices are missing from your organization or team, and how to implement and optimize them to solve your specific challenges. We help with decision-making on Atlassian software all the way through implementation and your day-to-day operations. 


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Janine Sauer

Atlassian Consultant

Janine Sauer
Jira, Confluence, Intranet und LMS

Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

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