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brainbits, catworkx, STAGIL, Zuara: The combined Atlassian expertise of the DACH region in one company

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The combined expertise of five Atlassian partners


In the last few months, we as TIMETOACT Atlassian Consultants, brainbits, catworkx, STAGIL and Zuara have grown together to form the catworkx group. As part of this exciting development, we have joined forces as part of the TIMETOACT Group (TTA) to create significant added value for our customers. Our unique alliance, characterized by first-class Atlassian expertise, was created to provide companies with even more comprehensive support in their digital projects and to help them optimize workflows and increase efficiency. Find out what advantages you can gain from bundling expertise.

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There is no greater concentration of Atlassian expertise in the DACH region!

– Michael Lüer

catworkx Management


As an experienced Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, based on 25 years of market presence, our portfolio complements each other ideally. Our approach has proven itself: we always put your requirements and goals first. With over 200 certified employees who come from various industries and bring valuable experience, we can offer tailor-made solutions that integrate seamlessly into your way of working. There is no more concentrated Atlassian expertise in the DACH region.

International Presence:

Our international presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA means that we can provide you with personalized support not only in your region but also in an international context. Whether you are searching for global solutions or looking to implement your projects in different regions and languages, we are your reliable partner.

As the largest Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner in the DACH region, our strength in the Atlassian ecosystem is unparalleled. Being a member of the Atlassian Partner Advisory Council allows us to stay at the forefront of the development and customization of Atlassian solutions. This benefits our customers greatly: we use our position to give a voice to your concerns. Through close collaboration with Atlassian and the app vendors, we advocate for your individual needs and requirements in the Atlassian universe.


Synergien mit der TIMETOACT Group:

By collaborating with us, you can benefit from synergies with the TIMETOACT Group for your success. For over 25 years, TTA has successfully modernized and integrated IT applications with its comprehensive portfolio. With our full-service offering, we provide expert advice and competent support for your digital endeavors, from planning to implementing your IT projects. Our shared goal is to offer you customized solutions that meet your requirements.

What impact does the merger have?

Bundling and optimizing our expertise is a natural part of our commitment. We have compactly summarized the benefits that arise for you as a customer and the exciting news resulting from the merger.




Our training offering, which includes both Atlassian standard trainings and tailor-made courses, is being significantly expanded for you. This means that the best offerings from four Atlassian Solution Partners are provided following a "best-of-breed" approach. You now have access to numerous excellent training opportunities to strengthen your skills.



At catworkx Group, Atlassian experts from brainbits, catworkx, STAGIL, and Zuara come together to provide you with a diverse range of expertise for your projects. This combined and unique expertise in the DACH region includes technical and methodological competencies in PM (Prince, PMI), Agile (Scrum, SAFe), DevOps, ITSM/ITIL, and Process Digitalization (BPMN).

No other place in the DACH region offers more Atlassian expertise under one roof!



Our expertise from various industries and sectors is combined, allowing us to bring together all the certifications from Atlassian (Cloud, Agile at Scale, and ITSM). We will now specify these certifications for specific use cases in different industries, making them more accessible and easier to access.

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Getting Started with Atlassian

Through our partnership, we are able to offer specific services in packages that are available at fixed prices and come with clear descriptions of what is included. This allows for a predictable introduction, migration, and securing of Atlassian Tools.



We can provide you with innovative financing options for your Atlassian products. This includes optimizing your licenses within your system, as well as offering attractive conditions for purchasing licenses.

Premium Support


Our expanded team enables us to provide a highly qualified service and offer tailored experts for your specific needs. We are also enhancing our response team to ensure an even more reliable 24/7 support.

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App Development

Our development team is expanding! This not only leads to new and exciting apps on the marketplace but also provides us with the opportunity to develop apps tailored to your specific needs.

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The abundance of accessible experts enables us to scale large implementation projects internationally.


Integrations (ERP, PLM) 

Through the advanced technological capabilities within the TIMETOACT Group, we excel in creating seamless integrations with popular ERP and legacy systems, liberating you from the constraints of data silos.


Cloud Services

Even in a cloud environment, there are service requirements. Our Cloud Services provide contractually defined SLAs to handle your service requests for the Atlassian Cloud.

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Managed Hosting

We offer Managed Hosting through Azure and AWS. In addition, we have our own teamworkx-Cloud with secure, exclusive hosting in Germany.


Cloud Migrations

For cloud migration, we harness the combined expertise and best practices of our merged companies. This enables us to be fully prepared for a significant number of upcoming migrations and efficiently handle them in a standardized manner.

Our Certifications:

Through our merge, we are able to meet all Atlassian certifications as well as ISO 9001:2015. This not only allows for targeted application of Atlassian software in various industries, but also ensures quality standards in terms of security and compliance.



Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

Solution Partners provide the services, implementation, consulting, and unique solutions that help our users create what's next.

Our experts hold the following certificates and accolades: 

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