Task tracking

With a robust task management system like Jira, you can track the progress of your tasks in real-time. You can see who is responsible for which task, check the current status and intervene in time if needed. This promotes transparency in the team and enables better collaboration.

Team communication

A good task management solution facilitates communication and collaboration within the team. By centrally recording and assigning tasks, and allowing comments and attachments to be added, team members can quickly share information and stay up to date. This leads to improved team cohesion and efficiency in task completion.

Task prioritization

An effective task management solution allows you to prioritize your tasks by importance, so you always know which tasks need to be completed first. This helps you make the best use of your time and resources and ensure that the most important tasks are completed on time.

Plan, track and coordinate efficiently

Load Tracking

With Jira, you can track the workload and workload of each team member to ensure that tasks are distributed fairly and no one is overloaded.


With the Kanban board, you can visually represent the workflow and easily track the progress of each task - from task creation to completion.


Using Jira, you can efficiently assign tasks to the right team members and define clear responsibilities and accountabilities.



As issues or obstacles arise, Jira allows you to escalate tasks to the right people or instances for faster resolution.



By integrating Jira with the Calendar add-on, you can schedule tasks with specific dates and keep a clear overview of the schedule and deadlines


With Jira software, you can set up reminders for upcoming tasks or deadlines to ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.



Atlassian Confluence lets you schedule meetings, invite participants, and link relevant tasks or documents to ensure efficient coordination and collaboration during the meeting.

Efficient task management with Atlassian Together

Request Management

Manage tasks across teams on the same platform so your employees and customers get the help they need quickly.

Distributed workforce

Remote work should be as effective as on-site work. Atlassian's collaboration tools help distributed teams stay productive by providing access to collective knowledge and easy ways to track and communicate about work.

Involve all employees

The way work gets done should be flexible but structured enough to be managed efficiently across teams. Atlassian Together supports flexible work such as brainstorming or task management, but can also be used for large-scale collaboration across teams.


Collaboration is slow and cumbersome when business and technical teams work in silos. Unify your business and software teams with Atlassian tools to maintain alignment of goals and priorities from the start of development to launch.


Achieve more together: Confluence is the remote workspace for your team where knowledge and collaboration meet.


Bring the power of a visual perspective to your team. Collaborate, manage projects, and reach new peaks of productivity. Whether you're in a high-rise or a home office, the way your team works is unique - with Trello, you can accomplish anything.

Jira Work Management

Making work less work: Jira Work Management makes it easy for business teams to collaborate, coordinate and deliver work - all in one central location.

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