Jira Align Standard: Align Your Teams and Accelerate Delivery

With Jira Align Standard, you gain access to essential features that enable seamless coordination and visibility across your organization. Embrace Agile practices with roadmaps, Kanban boards, objectives, program boards, risks, dependency maps, work trees, and standard reports. Leverage these tools to enhance transparency, optimize workflows, and drive efficient execution. Jira Align Standard empowers your teams to collaborate effectively, align their efforts, and deliver exceptional results.


Jira Align Enterprise: Elevate Your Agile Transformation

Take your agile transformation to the next level with Jira Align Enterprise. This plan offers an array of advanced features specifically tailored to meet the complex needs of enterprise-scale organizations. Gain access to epic financials, value engineering, enhancement portal, mind maps, advanced Kanban, portfolio and epic balancing, portfolio financials, pro & enterprise reports and many more. With Jira Align Enterprise, you can scale your agile practices, align strategic initiatives, and drive business growth.


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