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catworkx Method Training: Scrum

In this Scrum training, you will learn the basics of the agile framework Scrum. You will also learn how to successfully implement Scrum in your own company and how to manage large and distributed projects. It will be shown how they can use the framework to continuously optimize their workflows, communicate successfully in the team and enable the team to act independently. In the process, you will learn how to manage both large and distributed projects.

Target group:

Scrum Master, Product Owner, Scrum Developer, Agile Leader and Coaches

Required prior knowledge:

No prior knowledge required



You can join our courses from anywhere in the world. Provided your internet connection is stable

On premise

We come to you or we organize the training at one of our locations

Video On Demand

We will provide you with the videos and associated test systems. 



Participants from different companies can take part in our publicly accessible courses. We deal with generic systems and teach you the standardized configurations.

Own group

In our courses for closed groups, we go into your own systems. We prepare the courses in such a way that we teach you how to use your in-house systems.

Course Content:

In our training, you will learn where SCRUM comes from and which principles underlie the agile framework. You will learn about the SCRUM process and the different SCRUM elements. You will learn the roles of the SCRUM team and how they work together. After the training, you will be familiar with the SCRUM method and you will be able to apply it in different environments. You will be able to work efficiently in a SCRUM team.

Core competencies:

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Agile Mindset

An agile mindset and adaptability are core competencies in Scrum training. You will learn to quickly adapt to the changing environment and the needs of the team. 


Emotional intelligence

You will learn to work closely and efficiently with the entire team. In such a team, you need an emotionally intelligent person who can build a lasting relationship with the team and create a stable working environment.

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You will learn to "create a space" where effective and open exchange can take place.

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You will learn to strengthen self-leadership and let teams find their way. In the process, you will learn to guide teams and ask the right questions.


We issue individual certificates for successfully completed training courses. These certify that you have taken part in our courses


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Our training courses always give you the opportunity to test what you have learned yourself. You even have to do this to complete some tasks. You get access to a demo environment in which you can let off steam.


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