Protect your data with authentication controls

In the age of remote work and cybersecurity risks, businesses of all sizes are under pressure to protect company data and carefully manage access. With Atlassian Access, admins can customize multiple authentication policies — saving time while eliminating error-prone manual processes that pose a security risk.


Empower your business with organizational oversight

Atlassian cloud products include a central admin console to manage settings and billing. When you add Atlassian Access, you gain centralized oversight. Monitoring usage helps detect suspicious behavior, manage shadow IT, and streamline product usage.


Feature details

authentication policies

Defining multiple authentication policies

Admins have the flexibility to define multiple authentication policies and apply them to different subsets of users in the organization to ensure each set of users have the appropriate level of security.


SAML single sign-on (SSO)

SAML single sign-on (SSO) allows your users to authenticate to Atlassian cloud products through your company's existing identity provider. This means they can access multiple tools with the same set of credentials, while using a more secure method of authentication than just a user name and password. 


SCIM automated user provisioning

Access integrates your user directory with your Atlassian cloud products, and automatically syncs updates you make in your identity provider with users in your Atlassian organization.

illustrations-spot-2 Factor authentication

Enforced two-step verification

Enforced two-step verification is a security policy that requires the users in an organization to turn on two-step verification in order to log in and access their Atlassian cloud products.


API token controls

API tokens allow a user to authenticate with cloud apps and bypass two-step verification and SSO, and retrieve data from the instance through REST APIs. Token controls allow admins to view and revoke the use of API tokens by their managed accounts.


Automatic product discovery

Admins gain visibility into and can manage shadow IT at their organization by discovering Atlassian cloud products their managed users created, seeing who the administrator of these products are, and how many users have joined those products.

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Organization-wide audit logs

An organization audit log is a comprehensive log of admin activity that takes place in the Atlassian cloud organization. An organization audit log shows admins the who, what, and when of admin activity.

Organization insights

Organization-wide insights

Organization insights allow admins to track the adoption of their Atlassian products and evaluate their users' security posture. The feature provides a set of analytics across all the Jira family and Confluence cloud products that are linked to an organization.


CASB integration with McAfee MVISION

The CASB software tracks and analyzes all information sent and received by each cloud product. With this data, CASB vendors provide greater visibility, remediation, threat protection, policy management, and data security.



  • Just Atlassian Access
  • Atlassian Access + Tools

Just Atlassian Access

First 250 users

$ 4


Next 251-1000 users

$ 3


Next 1,001-5,000 users

$ 1.65


Next 5,001+ users

$ 1.10


Information only - Formal quotes pending: Precise pricing is dependant on user tier, subscription type and applicable discounts

Atlassian Access + Tools

Jira Software
+ Access

$ 8.88 - 11.50

per month

Jira Service Management
+ Access

$ 10.08 - 19.75

per month

+ Access

$ 5.89 - 7.00

per month

+ Access

$ 6.79 - 9.50

per month

Information only - Formal quotes pending: Precise pricing is dependant on user tier, subscription type and applicable discounts

Information only - Formal quotes pending: Precise pricing is dependant on user tier, subscription type and applicable discounts

Price tag

Do you want to try Atlassian Access for free?


Atlassian offers free trials of most of its products, so you can test them out before committing to a purchase. The free trial is a great way to see if Atlassian Access is right for you and your team.

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