Centralize alerts and notify the right people at the right time


Never miss a critical alert

With deep integrations into monitoring, ticketing, and chat tools, Opsgenie groups alerts, filters out the noise, and notifies you using multiple channels, providing the necessary information for your team to begin immediate resolution.


Build and modify on-call schedules with ease

Build and modify schedules and define escalation rules within one interface. Your team will always know who is on-call and accountable during incidents and have the confidence that critical alerts will always be acknowledged.

Gain valuable on-call insights

Gain insights into areas of success and areas for improvement in your on-call and alerting processes. Use powerful reporting and analytics to reveal the source of most alerts, your team's performance in acknowledging and resolving, and how on-call workloads are distributed.


Centralize alerts with 200+ integrations

Opsgenie integrates with hundreds of the best monitoring, workflow, and collaboration tools. Paired with a flexible rules engine, Opsgenie notifies the right people on-call, enabling them to take rapid action.


Alert the right people during an incident. Then kick off a response in Jira Ops and add more responders from the Opsgenie on-call schedule.


Keep customers informed by sending Statuspage updates directly from Jira Ops. Check the Jira Ops timeline to know exactly when customer updates went out.

Opsgenie is the Clear Choice – Comparison with Pagerduty, xMatters and VictorOps


Paying too much for your current solution? Looking to streamline alerting from your ITSM tools? 

See why Opsgenie’s powerful alerting and on-call management for always-on services is the top choice for thousands of customers worldwide.

Opsgenie vs Pagerduty, xMatters, VictorOps



Free Plan

$ 0.00


Data Segmentation
Alert Lifecycle Tracking
Monitoring Integrations
ChatOps Integrations


$ 4.23-11.00


Everything from Free Plan included
Built-in Integration with Jira Software
Service Status Pages
Incident Timeline
Downloadable & Schedulable Reports


$ 4.59-23.00


Everything from previous plans included
Automated Opsgenie Actions
Atlassian Access
Service Operations through APIs
Custom User Roles


$ 4.69-35.00


Everything from previous plans included
Service Subscriptions
Service and Infrastructure Health Analysis
Incident Command Center
Data Encryption
Information only - Formal quotes pending: Precise pricing is dependant on user tier, subscription type and applicable discounts:

Information only - Formal quotes pending: Precise pricing is dependant on user tier, subscription type and applicable discounts:

Price tag

Do you want to try Opsgenie for free?


Atlassian offers free trials of most of its products, so you can test them out before committing to a purchase. The free trial is a great way to see if Opsgenie is right for you and your team.

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